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Excellent Service is the Focus and 
Customer Satisfaction is the Key

Our Free Service

For 20 employees or 200, we have the equipment needed to suit your needs. We carry a wide variety of drinks and snacks and being an independent vendor we can offer Pepsi and Coke products the same machine. We also carry healthy choices for snacks, sports drinks, juice and water. Our service is completely free, there is no charge to your establishment. We can also pay back commisions to you on larger, high volume acounts.


Large Commercial ​

All machines have coin and dollar bill acceptors and sure vend options are available on larger snack machines. Cans or bottles are available for beverages.


Small Commercial and Bulk Vending Machines


If space is a concern we have small compact vending centers that are the size of a small refrigerator and can still provide your employees with drinks and snacks. For just a little bit more room we have six selection drinks and 18 selection satellite snack machines.

Bulk machines are also available in conjunction with larger machines or by themselves. Bulk machines are the triple-head 25-cent machines where you can get hot tamales, M&Ms, and such.


Filter Water Machine service

Colorado Custom Vending can also provide your establishment with bottleless, point-of-use, filtered water machines. Our machines are bottleless so there is no need to store or change heavy, bulky water bottles. Hot and cold water can be dispensed and there is never the worry of running out.

These machines are available for lease on a monthly basis.

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